Pet Wellness Checkups

Pet Wellness Checkups

Pet owners will often waste no time rushing to a veterinarian during an emergency. However, just like humans, your pet needs regular examinations even when they are not ill or injured. Pet wellness checkups allow us to keep their vaccinations updated. But more importantly, this is how we keep them healthy. Pets age at a faster rate than humans. And seasoned pet owners know only too well how short and precious time is with their pet. General physical examinations allow us to gauge the progression of your pet’s health from a baseline. If we detect signs of health problems early enough, our chances of successful intervention increase exponentially. And this will allow your pet to stay healthy, pain-free and happy for as long as possible.

We recommend you bring young cats and dogs under 8 years old to visit us at least once a year. But we’d like to see your older animals twice a year. In many cases, you can coordinate these appointments with your pet’s vaccination schedule. However, try not to ignore them even if they don’t coincide. Pet wellness checkups should take place when your pet is in optimal health and seems well, at least on the outside. If your pet is ill, limping or in pain, or vomiting and not eating properly, for example, we will still tend to him or her. But we will defer the general physical checkup to another date.

Pet Wellness Checkups

We will get to know your pet really well, from head to tail, during their wellness checkups. To start, we like to have a discussion with you about their home life, diet and routine. The physical exam will begin with a look into your pet’s eyes, ears and nose. We will also examine the mouth for gum and tooth decay, which often form the genesis of other health problems. And the external examination will end with a scan of their coat and skin for parasites and problematic lumps and bumps.

Once that is completed, we will turn focus to their inner organs. Listening to their heart and lungs will allow us to assess his/her cardiovascular health. And palpating the abdominal organs allow us to feel for unusual growths, swellings or tenderness. Finally, we will assess their mobility and overall comfort by manipulating their limbs and joints. Pets cannot communicate like humans, and this examination is one way to keep track of their internal health. It is also why we ask to see older pets twice a year.

Medical Tests

Depending upon our findings, the age of your pet, and the time of year, we may recommend a blood test, fecal test, and perhaps even a urine test. Just like humans, this is how we can review cholesterol and iron levels, and assess organ functions. Healthy young dogs and cats should have bloodwork performed at least once a year. If the results turn out normal, we will have a reason to celebrate together! However, telltale signs of abnormalities will allow us to detect problems early.

Pet Wellness Checkups & Counselling

With a full picture of your pet’s health, we can counsel you on strategies to keep them healthy. You might need to make simple changes to your pet’s diet or add supplements to slow down, stop and even reverse some offending conditions. We can review preventative measures, like brushing your dog’s teeth at home, or how to catch signs of oral disease in your cat. You may also use this appointment to ask questions about vaccinations, parasite control and behavioural issues. Your pet’s wellness checkup is an integral part of their healthcare routine to keep them strong and healthy for years to come. And the staff at Wellington Veterinary Hospital has the expertise to help you with it.

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Wellington Veterinary Hospital is operated by Dr. Cliff Redford, a veterinarian with over two decades of experience. Our caring and passionate team of professionals provides a full range of services for your canine and feline companions. We are always delighted to meet new pets, answer your questions and offer preventative health care tips during free assessments with our veterinary technicians. Our location in Markham, Ontario offers plenty of free parking, convenient operating hours and a 24-hour emergency call line.

Dr. Redford and his staff showed the best care for my dog on all of our visits. I would highly suggest taking any animal here for care. You will be well assured that all staff will do their best to treat your dog and guide you through all the steps taken for clarity. I highly recommend choosing Wellington Veterinary Hospital as your first choice!

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