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Pet owners care deeply about their furry family members and spend an extraordinary amount of time researching diets and pet food brands, toys and accessories.

You should feel completely comfortable asking for our opinion and recommendations on these issues. We can steer you in the right direction.

Our online store features vet exclusive as well as leading food brands. We may have samples for your pet to try, so give us a call before you order. You can also purchase over the counter supplements, toys and accessories at competitive prices.

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We have been with Wellington Veterinary Hospital for 14 years since we had our kitten, Dior. Dr. Redford and his staff have taken good care of our cat all these years. Dior was diagnose with diabetes 6 months ago. But under Dr. Redford’s special care and treatment, our cat has made it through and has been in remission. My family appreciates all they have done for her.

Antonia Li

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