Wellington Veterinary Hospital, located in Markham, ON, Canada offers a full range of services from dental surgery, spaying and neutering, vaccinations and more, for your canine and feline companions. We have plenty of free parking, convenient operating hours and a 24-hour emergency call line.


Featuring episodes of Q&A with Dr. Cliff to help pet owners keep their dogs, cats and other furry loved ones healthy, safe and happy. If you share his fascination and love for animals, you will also enjoy Dr. Cliff’s Rescue Missions, a documentary series that introduces viewers to veterinary medicine and animal conservation across the globe.


When Bubbles Was Amputated

Amputations on pets can be devastating news for pet owners.Under some conditions, it is the most humane way to treat catastrophic injuries. In this episode of Dr. Cliff's volunteering trip to Jamaica, he had to perform an amputations on a small dog named Bubbles.
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Dr. Cliff WorldWide Vet Rescue Missions

In a series of documentaries produced and directed in Canada, join Dr. Cliff on animal rescue missions across the globe where he introduces viewers to the world of veterinary medicine and animal conservation. Prepare to laugh and cry with the good and bad unfolding in real-time. Cliff Redford presents the raw truth without holding back, entertaining you with stories of medical emergencies and educating you with his insights into animal biology. You will come to love the creatures we share the world with and be fascinated by their sheer will to survive seemingly impossible circumstances.

“Viewers will witness a few heart-wrenching stories but also many of incredible compassion towards companion and wild animals alike.” 

– Dr. Cliff Redford

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I love this clinic. I have 2 dogs daughters, chihuahua and mix, the chihuahua is epileptic and the mix has separation anxiety. And this people are always so nice to them. My chihuahua epilepsy has been under control and that makes me very happy. The staff is very nice and Cliff is always super professional and honest. I wouldn't change this place and totally recommend it.

Gissel Montero


Pet owners are a curious bunch and always eager to learn more about how to care for their pets. We love the questions you ask us at your appointments! It prompts us to publish new blogs regularly to help any pet owner. We hope you enjoy the latest updates on our Pet Care blog. Feel free to connect if you have a topic you’d like us to write about.

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Ticks and Lyme Disease in Pets

In Ontario, ticks are most active in the spring and summer. However, they easily come out of hibernation and form swarms when temperatures hover above freezing even for a few days. Consequently, pet owners must remain vigilant about ticks and Lyme Disease year-round.
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Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Seasonal allergies in dogs present very differently than in humans, with itchy hives forming on the lower half of their body. They are a lifelong challenge that pet owners must approach proactively. Here's what you need to know.
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Treating Dogs with CBD

Ever since marijuana was legalized in Canada, pet owners have inquired about administering it to their pets. Veterinarians have recently started recommending CBD for certain conditions. While the science behind it is in its infancy, we can make some educated guesses.
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A friend reached out to me today asking what to do with the possum in his backyard. “It looks scary and dangerous” he said.
I told him to leave it. Possums don’t attack us or our pets. They’re clean and they don’t carry rabies or other diseases to give to us. And they kill ticks so they protect us from Lyme disease.
He and the possum will now coexist.

Nasty staph or fungal infection on his feet. I say it was smelly but how can you tell when it’s a skunk 🦨😝😂
I’m still learning a lot about wildlife medicine but this one was easy…my “if this was a cat” thought process is actually helpful in this situation. #skunksofinstagram

That must be the yummiest milk ever!!! Watch the other baby deer come by and wait their turn ☺️ #bambi ...

Me thinks this juvenile #trashbandit is posing. ...

Happy Independence Day weekend to our neighbours from the South. One favour please? #bekindtoanimals ...

Thank you for taking care of me Dr Cliff. #ilovemyjob ...

Ok vet students…what do you notice is wrong with this great horned owl? And list a few causes. You’re not allowed to message @strubbe.eyevet like I do 🤓#owlsofinstagram ...

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