Wellington Veterinary Hospital, located in Markham, ON, Canada offers a full range of services from dental surgery, spaying and neutering, vaccinations and more, for your canine and feline companions. We have plenty of free parking, convenient operating hours and a 24-hour emergency call line.


Featuring episodes of Q&A with Dr. Cliff to help pet owners keep their dogs, cats and other furry loved ones healthy, safe and happy. If you share his fascination and love for animals, you will also enjoy Dr. Cliff’s Rescue Missions, a documentary series that introduces viewers to veterinary medicine and animal conservation across the globe.


India Ep. #4: Potentially Rabid Canine

Rabies is a preventable disease. But in India, where the stray dog population makes regular vaccinations impossible, it kills more people than anywhere else in the world. Dr. Cliff explores the problem in this informative 5 min video.
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Dr. Cliff WorldWide Vet Rescue Missions

In a series of documentaries produced and directed in Canada, join Dr. Cliff on animal rescue missions across the globe where he introduces viewers to the world of veterinary medicine and animal conservation. Prepare to laugh and cry with the good and bad unfolding in real-time. Cliff Redford presents the raw truth without holding back, entertaining you with stories of medical emergencies and educating you with his insights into animal biology. You will come to love the creatures we share the world with and be fascinated by their sheer will to survive seemingly impossible circumstances.

“Viewers will witness a few heart-wrenching stories but also many of incredible compassion towards companion and wild animals alike.” 

– Dr. Cliff Redford

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Dr. Redford and his staff showed the best care for my dog on all of our visits. I would highly suggest taking any animal here for care. You will be well assured that all staff will do their best to treat your dog and guide you through all the steps taken for clarity. I highly recommend choosing Wellington Veterinary Hospital as your first choice!

Mark Welsch


Pet owners are a curious bunch and always eager to learn more about how to care for their pets. We love the questions you ask us at your appointments! It prompts us to publish new blogs regularly to help any pet owner. We hope you enjoy the latest updates on our Pet Care blog. Feel free to connect if you have a topic you’d like us to write about.

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Feeding your Pet a Raw Food Diet

Before transitioning pets to a raw food diet, pet owners should consider all the associated risks. These include nutritional deficiencies, parasite and bacterial infections, along with potentially shorter life spans.
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Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

Every pet owner believes their pet will be healthy forever. In reality, you may need to visit a vet after an unplanned accident or when your pet suffers a serious disease. Without insurance, decisions about treatment will rest squarely on your financial ability to pay.
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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Household routines will soon change as the pandemic lockdowns lift. People will return to work and dogs will once again, go back to being on their own at home. Is yours ready for this transition? Here's more information about separation anxiety in dogs.
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Another beautiful elephant cared for by the team at @southern_thailand_elephants
They volunteer their time and provide free medical care, they educate and inspire. Please click on their name and follow. #elephant

Post-op on a skunk. Exploratory surgery. Stay tuned for more about this case. And @edance.07 says I should make a video catered towards vet students...unedited, teachable etc. What do ya think? #skunksofinstagram ...

Egypt, India, Jamaica, Greece. Soon we will travel again. ...

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This amazing giant fruit bat (aka flying fox) had been hanging from a tree, wrapped up in manga (kite string). The kite festivals in india are a sight to be seen but the left over manga injures and kills many flying creatures. #batsofinstagram ...

This beautiful pup named Bubbles had broken her front leg playing in her “yahd” in Jamaica. Unfortunately no one noticed her injury except for the germs...it became infected and needed to be amputated. But she did great. Check out the full video on my YouTube channel, link in bio. #bekindtoanimals ...

Who is chasing their dreams today? Go go go!!! ...

Everyone follow @southern_thailand_elephants They rescue pachyderms AND they teach them how to read!!! #bekindtoelephants ...

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