Dog Vaccinations

Dog Vaccinations | Image by Hilary Halliwell from Pexels

Whether you have recently adopted a cute energetic puppy, or are caring for a life-experienced older dog, we understand the boundless love between pet owners and dogs. Vaccinations are an important part of this care. They shield your dog from life-threatening conditions they can acquire from viruses and bacterial infections. Here are a few common dog vaccinations all pet owners should know about:


Rabies is a disease that presents a danger to pets, humans and wildlife. Your dog requires this vaccination by law. We administer it to puppies at approximately 4 months of age. The protection will last for a year. If your puppy receives the next shot on time, it will buy him/her additional protection for the next three years.


Vaccines are classified as core when all breeds of dogs should receive it. DHPP stands for Distemper – Hepatitis – Parvovirus – Parainfluenza. All four are very worrisome diseases for dogs. But by far, Parvovirus is the most common, and the deadliest. Puppies are particularly susceptible to this disease and prevention is much easier and safer than treatment. Depending upon several factors including vaccines administered by the breeder, you may require one or two booster shots a month apart from each other to protect your pet for a year. And just like the rabies vaccine, if you remember to bring your dog in for the next shot in one year, the vaccine will protect him/her for another three years.


We highly recommend dogs in Toronto and York Region receive this vaccination because it is carried and transmitted by raccoons and skunks, prolific in these areas. The bacteria can attack the liver and kidneys, causing permanent damage and fatalities. To ensure your dog receives only one poke of the needle, we can easily administer this vaccine through the same syringe as the DHPP core, mentioned above. In fact, we are so gentle that your dog will barely notice the injection.

Kennel Cough

The name says it all. This is equivalent to whooping cough in human children. It causes a deep, dry, hacking cough which is also highly infectious. We often recommend this dog vaccination because your pet could easily catch it at the dog park, the grooming salon, or when they come close to an infected dog when out for a walk with you.

Dog Vaccination Plans

Every dog is unique and there are no one-size-fits-all vaccination plans. At Wellington Veterinary Hospital, we get to know your dog before creating a plan tailor-made to meet his/her needs. First, we determine your dog’s risks of exposure to specific viruses and bacteria. And then we adjust them for your dog’s breed, age and size. We take reasonable steps to ensure they receive immunization while also keeping them safe from unwanted side effects.

Pet owners often worry about the costs related to dog vaccinations. We encourage you to contact us so we can have a frank and open discussion about this matter. We can even provide you with an opinion about insurance plans if you have started your investigation down this path. The important thing to remember is that immunizing your pet adequately and on time when they are young can buy you three years of protection, saving you money in the long run.

Consequently, remembering your pet’s vaccination schedule, becomes a critically important element of the vaccination plan, particularly if you are concerned about the costs. To assist you in managing all of this, we offer a Pet Portal where we can set up your pet’s vaccination plan. It automatically sends you important reminders when your pet’s vaccinations become due.

About Wellington Veterinary Hospital

Wellington Veterinary Hospital is operated by Dr. Cliff Redford, a veterinarian with over two decades of experience. Our caring and passionate team of professionals provides a full range of services for your canine and feline companions. We are always delighted to meet new pets, answer your questions and offer preventative health care tips during free assessments with our veterinary technicians. Our location in Markham, Ontario offers plenty of free parking, convenient operating hours and a 24-hour emergency call line.

Dr. Redford and his staff showed the best care for my dog on all of our visits. I would highly suggest taking any animal here for care. You will be well assured that all staff will do their best to treat your dog and guide you through all the steps taken for clarity. I highly recommend choosing Wellington Veterinary Hospital as your first choice!

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A friend reached out to me today asking what to do with the possum in his backyard. “It looks scary and dangerous” he said.
I told him to leave it. Possums don’t attack us or our pets. They’re clean and they don’t carry rabies or other diseases to give to us. And they kill ticks so they protect us from Lyme disease.
He and the possum will now coexist.

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I’m still learning a lot about wildlife medicine but this one was easy…my “if this was a cat” thought process is actually helpful in this situation. #skunksofinstagram

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