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Acid-Burned Stray Dog

Dr. Cliff Worldwide Vet | Cairo | Acid Burned Stray Dog


In this episode, Dr. Cliff and his daughter Emily visit the Furever Rescue Foster, a dog shelter in Cairo, Egypt that looks after approximately 400 dogs. Shockingly, this is a drop in the bucket, considering over 2 million dogs are homeless in Egypt!

Somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of resident dogs, the dust and the enormous ticks, Dr. Cliff took part in the monthly tick cleanup where the dogs received their examinations and treatments, one at a time. It was a tedious, time-consuming and manual exercise that went on for most of the day. And in the middle of it all, Dr. Cliff met Salim.

Salim, a hapless dog had received acid burns on his face which left him deformed and in pain. With the amount of pus and infection in his wounds, he required surgery, without which his chances of survival were slim. Salim’s story is continued in an upcoming episode.

Furever Rescue Shelter

Inadequate control of strays has caused the dog population to mushroom exponentially in Cairo, with obvious unfortunate consequences – rampant animal abuse and neglect. Furever Rescue Shelter is a local animal welfare organization supported by SPCA International. Founded in 2017, they care for neglected and abused dogs, providing them with essential medical care and TLC until they can be placed in their forever homes.

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About Dr. Cliff

Dr. Cliff Redford, DVM, Wellington Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Cliff Redford, DVM, is an experienced veterinarian and owner/operator of the Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Fondly known as Dr. Cliff to his clients, he has tended to the wellness of pets and animals for over two decades. Hands-on experience in his clinic, combined with animal advocacy and rescue missions locally and across the globe, has allowed him to curate a vast body of knowledge on animal health and welfare, including preventative counselling, soft tissue surgery, advanced dental procedures, internal medicine and emergency care.

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Dr. Redford is incredibly skilled, compassionate, and cares deeply about animals. We were so lucky to have him come to our animal rescue facility, Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, where he helped us treat our cows. We know the animals are in good hands whenever he is caring for them!

Edith Barabash

Another “whose claws are these?” challenge. Hint: this bird weighs about 350 grams, obviously is a killer with those claws, eats other birds…one might say it can carry the weight of the world on its broad shoulders 😂
Stay tuned for updates…broken ulna and radius.

Just a handsome great horned owl getting a bath with Ovitrol - he was covered in lice. #owlsofinstagram ...

This summer was so difficult for the country of Greece. Wildfires destroyed 1000s of homes. And it’s a problem every year. I think climate change is undeniable. I started volunteering for a few days each time I visited with @ninelivesgreece and 4 years ago we actually went in and rescued some pets and farm animals injured in a wildfire near Athens. This little kitten they later named Lil Cliff ❤️ ...

Dr Trawford at the @jamaicaspca_jspca taught me so much. Including how to stay calm when you stick a local nerve block into a crocodile…One eyed Jack (soon to be) rolls and Dr T just stands there and then whamo! He pushes in the lidocaine. 👏👏👏
Someone had shot him with a spear gun…BE KIND TO ANIMALS!!!!!

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