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Top Household Items Toxic For Dogs

Chocolate, Xylitol (a sugar substitute), grapes and raisins, onions and garlic, and pest control products like rat poison and ant baits are found in virtually all household. But did you know they are toxic for dogs, and can sometimes be fatal? In our latest YouTube episode, Dr. Cliff Redford provides information that can help save your dog’s life.

Prevention is your best strategy. Keeping these items out of your dog’s reach is the best thing you can do. Often, the signs and symptoms of poisoning will not occur right away. Your dog could get sick over hours or even days before you realize something is awry. When lethargy, vomiting, fever, seizures and even unconsciousness set in, you have a critical emergency on your hands.

If you know your dog has consumed any of these items, assume the worst and call your vet right away, even if he/she is not exhibiting symptoms. If this occurs in the middle of the night, call your nearest emergency vet clinic. Your pet could require immediate intervention to minimize the effects of the poison, and Dr. Cliff explains what can happen in this unfortunate event.

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Dr. Cliff Redford, DVM, is an experienced veterinarian and owner/operator of the Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Markham Ontario. Fondly known as Dr. Cliff to his clients, he has tended to the wellness of pets and animals for over two decades. Hands-on experience in his clinic, combined with animal advocacy and rescue missions locally and across the globe, has allowed him to curate a vast body of knowledge on animal health and welfare, including preventative counselling, soft tissue surgery, advanced dental procedures, internal medicine and emergency care.

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