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India Ep. #7: Two Life Saving Surgeries in a Day

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In this episode, Dr. Cliff performs two life-saving surgeries in a day at the People For Animal (PFA) shelter in Hyderabad, India. This was the first time he had performed such procedures in over two decades of his career. Initially, he started fixing a hernia on a Pomeranian which turned out to be anything but routine. And the second surgery involved an amputation on the Rhesus monkey you met in earlier episodes. But that was not all. He also made friends with a paralyzed kitten, a bunny with a deformed neck and several dogs who had suffered burn wounds.

Here’s how the day went, and we caution viewers that some parts of this video contain graphic content.

Pomeranian with a Hernia

A Pomeranian presented at the PFA shelter with a swelling around the anal region which Dr. Cliff assumed was a perineal hernia. This condition occurs when a weakened diaphragm causes the pelvic and abdominal organs to become displaced. They bunch up around the anus often leaving the animal backed up and in a lot of pain. After the dog was anesthetized, Dr. Cliff made the first cut fully prepared for a lot of fecal matter to ooze out. When that did not occur, he was amazed at what he found. The colon, parts of the bladder, urethra and other organs had all simply collapsed and twisted into a lumpy mass. He had never seen this before and over the 90-minute surgery, he tried to push everything back into its original position, bringing immediate relief to the Pomeranian.

Amputating the Rhesus Monkey

In Episode 3, we introduced you to a Rhesus monkey who had received serious injuries to his head from a motor vehicle accident. Dr. Cliff had performed a tricky surgery to repair his jaw along with a laceration at the top of his head. In Episode 6, we followed up on his progress. While his injuries were healing nicely, the monkey was now exhibiting mental health problems and inflicting self-harm. He was trying to cope with the stressful circumstances he found himself in by chewing on his paw. The PFA crew tried everything to prevent this Self Injurious Behaviour (SIB), including collars and bandages. Nothing worked as the monkey would pull everything off. The paw had now almost disappeared from the wrist down, and it required amputating.

When the Rhesus monkey was put to sleep, Dr. Cliff trimmed off the loose and hanging pieces of its fingers and paw. He strategized the surgical procedure with Dr. Ashad while the vet tech shaved and prepared the monkey’s arm for the amputation. Dr. Cliff could not help compare the tools and equipment with everything he had at his state-of-the-art clinic in Markham, Canada. He marvelled at what Dr. Ashad and his team at the PFA could accomplish for animals using what they had on hand. With all hands on board, they amputated the monkey’s arm, bandaged him up and gave him extra pain medication. They also put a cone around his neck,hoping he would not tear it off this time when he awoke. But that is exactly what occurred! The monkey would remain at the PFA for several weeks to recover.

About People For Animals, Hyderabad

PFA Hyderabad advocates for domestic animals, wildlife, lab animals as well as pets. They also investigate animal abuse in the entertainment and factory farming industries. Their success is very dependent on private donations through membership programs. For more information or to donate, visit PFA Hyderabad.

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